Which of our Four 3M Film Series is Right For Your Business

Which of Our Four 3M Film Series Is Right For Your Business?

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Running a business is rewarding, but you must continuously think about how the choices you make will impact efficiency, productivity and morale. With the environment being a concern, more business owners are looking for ways to reduce their footprint without negatively impacting productivity. Add that to the rising costs of electricity and commercial window tinting makes more and more sense.

Full Selection of Commercial Window Film

There is a wide selection of 3M window films for businesses in New York and New Jersey. We love helping local businesses reduce energy costs and environmental impact without slowing down operations. With today’s advanced technology, window films are more attractive than ever, too!

Since there are so many types of window films, we thought it would be helpful to point out four of the best 3M films that we carry for businesses. Each one will reward your business in a unique way. If you have additional questions, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you select the best 3M film for your workplace.

1. Traditional Series

The Traditional Series is a top pick for NY/NJ businesses because it’s practical and economical. These films provide high solar heat and glare reduction at a great price. The films are tinted and reflective, allowing you to improve your building’s energy performance and block up to 99% of harmful rays. With significant energy savings and a comprehensive warranty, most businesses see a return on investment within 3 years.

2. Prestige Series

The Prestige Series is unique because of the non-metalized film that lets you to stay connected to mobile devices without the risk of interference. For businesses that rely on mobile technology for their day-to-day operations, this is a huge advantage. These films also allow a high transmission of natural light into your office for exceptional aesthetics.

3. Ceramic Series

The Ceramic Series will keep your workplace cool and comfortable while offering excellent clarity and a natural tone. These films are manufactured with a scratch-resistant coating that provides a flawless look while blocking harmful UV rays. You also receive a comprehensive warranty with this product.

4. Night Vision Series

The Night Vision Series provides high solar heat reduction with less of the interior reflectivity of older films. The 3M window film works particularly well at night and reduces glare and eye discomfort, which is perfect for those late-night office workers. The films also include a scratch-resistant coating.

To learn more about our 3M film series for commercial uses, call Sun Control Tinting. We’ll be happy to help you select the best fit for your work environment and budget.

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