Types of 3M Window Films

Types of 3M Window Films

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Sun Control Tinting is an industry leader in window film installation in NYC and NJ, and we firmly recommend 3M window films to our customers. These films contain hundreds of layers and evenly disperse light. Roughly 78% of the sun’s heat is reduced, and 99% of harmful UV rays are blocked. We also love that all of 3M window films are backed by their comprehensive warranty.

When shopping for window films, you’ll notice that there are plenty to choose from! Let’s take a closer look at the types of 3M window films that are available.

Prestige Series

The Prestige Series is 3M’s latest advancement in solar film technology. It’s almost entirely clear, has low reflectivity and won’t interfere with your mobile phone reception. It works well for businesses because almost all natural light comes through, boosting employee productivity and morale.

Ceramic Series

The Ceramic Series is made from nano-ceramic technology and delivers exceptional clarity and heat rejection. Moderate tints are available.

Night Vision Series

If you love the look of a natural, warm appearance on your windows, you’ll appreciate the Night Vision Series. These films reject solar heat and glare without the shiny appearance of older films.

Traditional Series

The Traditional Series is designed for commercial businesses. It’s economical and protects office buildings from fading and glare that can damage equipment. Also, the Traditional Series helps businesses make better use of energy, reducing their carbon footprint.

Decorative Tinting

Decorative tinting is an excellent option whether you want to spruce up your home or business. Sun Control installs 3M Fasara’s collection of films that add privacy and architectural character. This decorative tinting is much more affordable compared to etched glass. We can even do custom orders, so let us know if you want a particular logo or pattern displayed.

Safety and Security

3M Safety & Security window film is ideal for commercial businesses that want to protect the most vulnerable part of their building: the windows. These films consist of a completely clear polyester mylar film that holds glass intact if it were shattered from the outside.

As you can see, 3M has a wide selection of solar window film available for residential and commercial customers. All products are of the highest quality and backed by the 3M warranty. To learn more about having window tinting installed on your home or business, get an estimate today.

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