The Benefits of Window Film Installation for Your Office

The Benefits of Window Film Installation for Your Office

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There are two prominent factors that have driven the surge in demand for residential window tinting over the past decade. First, the customer has become much more aware. So, whether it is about health benefits or energy conservation, people are making more informed decisions today than they did earlier. Second, with advancements in technology, window tinting offers greater benefits without any interference with GPS or cellphone signals.

5 Key Benefits of Using Commercial Window Tinting

1.) Protection Against UV Rays

You’ll be surprised to know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US. Research conducted in 2004 revealed that over 40% of American adults had experienced sun burn, while in 2016, about 76,380 people were diagnosed with melanomas, according to the statistics published by the American Cancer Society.

Ultraviolet rays not only affect your health but can also damage your furniture. Window tinting blocks both UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect you and your family as well as preserving the color of your furnishings.

2.) Keeps the House Cool

The US Department of Energy revealed a very interesting piece of information recently. In its first finding, it revealed that nearly one-third of the energy used to heat or cool rooms isn’t retained because the windows aren’t treated.

In the second finding, it was mentioned that this residential waste adds up to $35 billion in expenses annually. Who would have imagined, right? But, since now you are aware, it’s time to act.

Blocking the sun rays also means that the temperature of the house can stay cool so you don’t have to use fans and air conditioners throughout the day. It can help you significantly lower electricity bills.

3.) Privacy and Safety

Other than the sun, residential window tinting also blocks out prying eyes. You will have peace of mind knowing that no one is peering through your windows looking for something of value to take.

They also protect your windows by providing that extra layer of protection and resistance. In case any trauma happens to the glass, they will stay protected against scratches.

4.) Helps in Getting Rid of the Glare

Imagine a situation when all your friends are home and you are watching your favorite TV show and there is a glare on the screen! Sounds annoying, right? It definitely is.

Window film can reduce the glare significantly and increase your comfort level. It can also enhance your TV viewing experience and allow you to work on the computer without as much eye strain.

5.) Affordable Energy Efficiency

In order to achieve energy efficiency, most people get replacement windows installed at home. However, residential window tinting is a much cheaper alternative that delivers the same results. The installment cost can be as low as one-tenth the cost of replacement windows.

Window tinting can cool the room temperature by more than 8 degrees and you can also opt for night vision film for a better appearance.

These are just 5 of the many benefits to residential window tinting. If this has been something you’ve been considering for some time now, we recommend you contact us to find out the best option for your home.

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