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Step Up Your Office Style and Privacy with Commercial Window Film

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Commercial window film will make your New Jersey office a better place to be, which is a good thing considering you probably spend a lot of time there! Not only does commercial film maintain adequate comfort and temperature, but it can also give your office space a visual boost.

With so many different styles of commercial film available, it can be hard to know which film is the best. Let’s discuss the benefits to commercial window tinting and the options available that can give your office the style and privacy it deserves.

What are the Benefits to Installing Commercial Window Tinting NJ?

If you think that commercial window film might make a good fit for your workplace, let’s start by exploring the benefits that you can expect to see.

  • Window film reduces utility costs and are far cheaper than replacing windows.
  • Solar films block 99% of UV light, protecting furniture, window coverings and sensitive equipment. Thanks to new technology, the windows don’t have to look dark or reflective.
  • Some types of commercial tinting add security, holding glass intact if a window were to be shattered.
  • Commercial film decreases glare and maintains temperature, making the workplace more comfortable and productive.

What Options are Available for Business Offices?

At Sun Control Tinting, we highly recommend 3M window film NJ for commercial buildings. Not only are 3M films high in quality and carry extensive warranties, but there is also a film type for every need. Let’s take a look.

  • Traditional Series films deliver exceptional solar heat and glare reduction. They are economical and ideal for all types of buildings, ranging from storefronts to complete office buildings.
  • Night Vision Series films take advantage of the latest technology to offer solar heat reduction without the reflectivity of older films. A range of tints are available to complement your office.
  • Ceramic Series films are a great upgrade for offices that want high clarity in their environment while controlling solar heat.
  • Prestige Series films are a top pick for today’s office buildings because they are low reflectivity and available in a wide range of tints.

What about Decorative Films?

If you love what window tinting has to offer, imagine what it can bring inside the workplace! Decorative films add privacy and architectural interest and cost far less than etched glass. This type of film can be installed in conference rooms, lobby areas and break rooms to increase privacy.

For a great selection of commercial window films for your NJ or NY workplace, call us today!

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