Safety & Security
Window Film


The windows in your home, school or other facility are often the weakest part of your building’s exterior shell, and the easiest way in which to gain illegal entry. 3M Safety & Security window film is a completely clear polyester mylar film that is installed on the inside surface of your windows.

Even when a window is broken by someone attempting to gain illegal entry to your facility, 3M Safety & Security window film is designed to hold the broken glass together in its place, making it difficult to dislodge, and requiring much greater effort and time to break through the glass

Windows are often the weakest link in the security of a home or building. Whether the threat is from intruders, weather, or even a bomb blast, installation of 3M Safety & Security window films add a significant level of protection to home or building occupants, as well as the property within.

Protection Against Unlawful Entry

3M film installation is a proven safeguard against someone attempting to quickly break in and enter a home or commercial building or a school. For proof, watch the test video on this page. 3M Ultra 600 film and Impact Protection Adhesive provided the protection to prevent either breaking of the glass or dislodging the glass from its frame.

Safety in the Event of a Bomb Blast

3M Safety & Security film has long been recognized for its ability to hold glass together rather than allowing it to shatter into sharp fragments. Many government facilities and prominent commercial buildings have installed this film to protect their workers and assets. 3M Safety & Security film installation will meet or exceed GSA and other security criteria. Bomb blast test videos are available.

3m ultra series

Patented 3M technology incorporating many crossed micro layers of material to provide strength and tear resistance greater than available from standard films of equivalent thickness.

3m safety series

Significant protection provided from 7 and 8 mil thick polyester polyester films. All 3M films are protected by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and are designed to provide years of trouble free protection for you.