Window Tinting


Sun Control Tinting has been installing 3M residential window film in NY high rises and fine Metro NY and NJ area homes since 1989, and has been chosen by 3M to be one of the few select dealers in their Prestige Dealer Network.

Installation of 3M film is the best way to reduce sun caused damage of furnishings, artwork, and woodwork while maintaining the natural appearance of your windows. Industry leading Designers and Architects recognize the protective value of 3M films and frequently request we install these films for their clients.

3M films are manufactured with a durable abrasion resistant coating to resist scratching even after years of repeated washing.

As we are an authorized dealer and installer of 3M films, your film installation will be backed by the industry’s strongest possible warranty coverage. 3M’s warranty for film longevity guarantees your film will not peel, crack or discolor for as long as you live in your home – or it will be replaced at no cost to you for either labor or material.

Contact us to discuss which of 3M’s family of residential window films would be the right choice for your home.


Prestige series window film is 3M’s latest advancement in solar window film technology. Prestige films are almost clear in color and will not affect cell phone reception. These films are very low in reflectivity and will maintain the most natural appearance on your home windows.


Ceramic series film is manufactured with nano-ceramic technology and provides excellent clarity and superior heat rejection on home windows.


Night Vision films were developed by 3M to reject solar heat and glare without the shiny appearance of older generation films. We can significantly increase your home comfort by installing Night Vision film. These films have a natural, warm appearance on home windows, and will provide a significant increase in home comfort while they protect against sun caused damage of your furnishings.


We provide a lifetime warranty with all residential film installations.