Window Tinting


Sun Control installs 3M window film to New York and New Jersey commercial buildings and storefronts, from single offices to complete office buildings. Commercial window film offers a number of benefits, including reduced glare, increased privacy, lower heating and cooling costs, and enhanced security.

3M offers a range of commercial window films to satisfy any film requirement your building may have:


Traditional Series films provide high solar heat and glare reduction and offer excellent value.


Night Vision Series films were developed to provide high solar heat reduction with much less of the interior reflectivity found on older generation films. These Dual Reflective films provide excellent solar performance and are offered in a range of tints.


Moderately tinted Ceramic films combine high clarity with good solar heat reduction.


3M’s newest generation of solar window films. Prestige films range from virtually clear to lightly tinted, and allow high levels of natural sunlight to enter through the glass. Prestige films are low in reflectivity so they maintain a natural appearance on your windows while providing excellent solar performance.

Interested in seeing how much money your building can save on energy while reducing tenant complaints?

If your building’s HVAC system cannot maintain adequate tenant comfort on sunny days then installation of 3M solar film can be the solution to your tenant complaints problem.  Every 100 Square Feet of glass treated with 3M film can reduce your HVAC requirement by up to one ton.

Interested in reducing your building’s energy costs?  In addition to reducing solar heat gain in summer, some 3M films will also reduce heat loss through windows in winter to provide year round energy savings benefits.

Our local utilities recognize the benefits of these films and will in many cases provide rebates for film installation on larger projects.

Just Contact Us and Sun Control will:

 Generate a no cost energy audit illustrating the annual savings your building can expect with film installation.

 Prepare all necessary paperwork to determine the utility rebate your building will qualify for.